Friday, March 28, 2014


Motorola finally making a comeback in Indian market by introducing Moto G XT1033 and making its presence felt by others. The phone is all packed up with exciting features such as its 329ppi pixel quality with 1280x720 pixels resolution along with Gorilla Glass protection making the display absolutely fantabulous.

The phone is Dual-Sim with Android 4.3 with the Qualcomm processor having clock cycle 1.2GHz and 1 GB RAM.

The phone has 2070 mAh battery along with 5MP rear camera and 1.3MP front camera.
Flipkart has exclusive rights to sell the phone so it can be purchased only from flipkart as of now.
The phone is available for purchase in two options-8GB phone for 12499 and 16GB for 14999.

All I have to say is hats off to Motorola considering the features of the phone as compared to the affordable price.

Thursday, March 20, 2014



So finally The Micromax Canvas Knight Rises.An all buffed-up smartphone entering the market to make its presence felt by other super contenders packed with similar features.
In terms of Look and Feel i would say the phone looks a lot more similair to that of iphone except that it doesn't has a rounded home button.The display is quite good however it lacks th gorilla glass protection with no rsistance to scratch protection which is a little disappointing.
The 5-inch display being of pixel density 443ppi with a 1080x1920 pixel resolution is undoubtedly impressive.
Now lets move on to the camera.Being a phone in range of 20k i personally never expected micromax knight to have an 8MP front camera and moreover a 16MP rear camera, and thats what gives it n edge ovr all othr competitive smartphones of other brands in the same range.
Next, although the phone lacks slot for expandable storage yet with octa-core processor,32GB of storage and 2 GB of RAM I think its more than sufficient to compromise on its unexpandable storage.Although the he phone comes with android 4.2.2 jellybean but i think micromax will surely release a kitkat update knowing that other phones in the market within the same range have Kitkat OS.
There is one shortcoming which i think will be a shortcominge for the customers who want to go for this phone, which is the heating issue concerned near the camera as well as the non-removable battery.
As of now i think this is the best phone for camera loving users.

Saturday, March 15, 2014


Michael Crichton’s PREY is a wonderful and worth reading novel considering the American best-selling author’s incredible contribution towards the science fiction.

The novel revolves around the main protagonist character named Jack Forman in whom Crichton has displayed his own identical gravity. The role of antagonist is portrayed by a group of minuscule, yet monstrous in behavior, nanobots that have the ability to improve their behavioral patterns by learning new experiences and that too quickly.

Jack Forman, an extremely well skilled software programmer, is now learning to cope up with his new life of being a house husband. While he is able to do the regular household work in a quite pleasing manner, his wife Julia is an employee at Xymos, a nanobotics company. Julia starts to work on a new project with her company and this leads to her being more distant from her family. While a series of events depict her being too much involved with the project the downside of this is that Jack starts to believe that she is having an affair. Later on some strange events that lead to further separation and fueling Jack’s curiosity towards Julia occur such as their baby girl Amanda falling sick and her sickness disappearing in a pretty quick and indifferent manner when she is taken to the hospital and then Julia, in a hurry to reach her office, meets with an accident while driving her car.

Jack is offered a job at Xymos, after Julia got hospitalized due to her accident. Although Jack knew he is not told everything by Xymos about the project he is in yet he accepts the offer. After reaching the research facility in Basin Desert, Jack learns about the nanobots that were blown into the desert from the building’s vent. These minute bacteria like nanobots have formed swarms and one of their foremost victim was a rabbit in the desert that the swarm killed by choking it. These swarms appear to be very powerful, reproducing and self-sufficient. When Jack learns about the swarm and the consequences of its dangerous behavior he influences the members of the team for taking a decision to destroy the swarm. Their struggle and consistent efforts result in getting the swarm trapped inside a cave and further exterminating their nest and other residences.

However Jack and Mae, who is one of the team members, come to know that everyone in the building other than themselves is infected with nanobot particles which have a considerable control over them. They both decide to overcome the situation by drinking vials that would protect them from getting infected. Jack then goes a step ahead and tries to sprinkle the vials to everyone so that the nanobot-producing bacteria are killed; however everyone tries to stop him. Somehow Jack and Mae succeed in pouring the vials on everyone. Jack and Mae escape the plant building in a helicopter shortly before the explosion caused due to methane gas leakage which Mae has intended to happen by placing thermite in the facility.

Jack now is able to connect the dots and realize that Amanda’s sickness was caused due to Julia getting infected by nanobot particles and that the swarm was released in the open air intentionally for it to grow in air.

Crichton depicts the incidents in his well known art of sophistry and mind puzzling storytelling where the readers can’t resist the urge to read further and further until they find out what’s coming next. However although the story unfolds in a quite unpredictable manner, the reader might expect more from a 300+ page long novel as well as the fact that the story takes a significantly accelerating momentum after first few pages.

Although the novel is superb for almost all types of readers but people who have a bad taste with sci-fi might not be inclined towards reading further more after first 100 pages.